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Tikkurilantie 10 , FI-01380 Vantaa, Finland
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As we reach the halfway point since the 2030 Sustainability Development Goals, how can we innovate in time to cut global emissions in half?

Continuing in our efforts to inspire tomorrow’s upcoming engineers, our team at AW-Energy took part in the Pii Poo’s LEGO Building Event in Helsinki.

The SB 605 bill recognizes the many benefits of marine energy, saying that it ‘can provide economic and environmental benefits to the state and the nation’..

In this latest blog, Marja Moisio explains the importance of gaining ISO 9001certification in a sector of the renewables industry that offers significant growth potential with the development of proven wave energy technology.
Wave energy has an important role to play in the green energy mix, especially in tandem with wind and solar installations. Christopher Ridgewell, CEO of AW-Energy, tells us more.
Matthew Pech, Finance and Control Director of AW-Energy Oy, explains how the EU’s proposed sustainability legislation poses hydrogen manufacturers a problem – if grid electricity is used in production, it will not be considered green. So, what’s the solution? Matthew explains why industry needs to consider wave power as an off grid alternative
Patrik Pykälä-Aho, an upcoming graduate, is one of the latest new faces to join AW-Energy Oy in Finland. He is working with us on our in-house megawatt scale test facility, while also completing his University Master’s thesis on green hydrogen production using WaveRoller wave energy technology.
Jussi Havia and Mikko Nyman of AW-Energy Oy, explain how the industry is racing to find alternatives to oil, gas and other energy-dense hydrocarbons.
You don’t need rose tinted lenses to understand the opportunity for wave energy: it’s the next big transition for the renewable’s energy mix!
Quantum predictions: technologies represent the holy grail of today’s industry. So, is the new Industry 4.0 helping create smarter, leaner and more efficient alternative energy solutions?
As all the preparatory works are in their final stages of completion, the drone will be used by AW-Energy’s Ville Kortelainen in near shore locations to showcase the WaveRoller’s journey out to sea and provide regular feedback to onshore teams of its operation. This will help to deliver insight from a technical perspective, as well as provide a visual aide for WaveRoller’s commercial interests with energy authorities, utility consortiums and investors.
The WaveRoller LEGO model was featured at the tenth Pii Poo LEGO building event held 22.-23.9.2018 at the Helsinki Messukeskus.
Internships are an integral part of today’s learning paths and can at best provide a useful glance in the business of one’s chosen field, yield applicable learnings and even secure future employment options. This is our intern Kira’s experience of joining team WaveRoller for the coming summer.