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Concealed Power

Ideal energy solution for seabed or shoreline micro power needs

Equipment located on the seabed is becoming more prevalent. From drone charging stations to passive sensor systems, from scientists monitoring ecosystems and coastal states monitoring littoral zones, the need to power subsea equipment is increasing. WaveRoller Concealed Power is a power solution that can be concealed on the seabed in the littoral zone.

  • Suitable for low power needs such as remote sensing
  • Low acoustic and visual signature
  • Littoral zone positioning feeds shoreline and deeper water applications
THE Technology

The device is designed for deployment in littoral zones <25m. Coupled with an onboard storage system the device can operate autonomously to power subsea applications, such as sensors, data processing, and autonomous vehicles.

Several integration options are available, and equipment can either be mounted on the device or the device can be plugged directly into the subsea grid.


There are many benefits to Concealed Power:


Generating power close to subsea equipment avoids costly and excessive shore crossing subsea cables.


WaveRoller is inherently resistant to shoaling and breaking waves, which allows long deployment periods in harsh nearshore locations without costly maintenance.


The power generating device is a fully concealed subsea unit. This reduces the risk of third-parties tampering or sabotaging equipment providing a full-proof operating energy device.