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Fast Frequency Response

Ideal for strengthening energy systems to maintain a safe and secure electricity supply


An increasing number of wind and solar power systems are replacing conventional thermal power plants, which is reducing the inertia and stability in power systems. The capability of power systems to resist aggressive frequency fluctuations is a major concern for grid operators.

The hydraulic energy storage available in WaveRoller-X, WaveRoller-C and WaveRoller-D power conversion trains allow fast response to these frequency fluctuations by either momentarily increasing or decreasing the power output. This allows participation in fast frequency reserve marketplaces leading to additional cash flows in addition to electricity sales.

  • Manages sudden frequency imbalances in intermittent power generation
  • Delivers rapid, predictable clean energy injections, second by second
  • Responds to changing energy patterns and frequency to provide operators with real-time grid stability and control
THE Technology

WaveRoller’s inbuilt energy storage system is designed to convert pulsating wave energy into smooth grid compliant power. This equates to over a hundred million full load cycles over 20 years of operation.

This system can be activated remotely to also deliver more electricity to the grid. The system responds in milliseconds thus enabling an array of WaveRoller units to also participate in balancing the energy market.

A study of the benefits that WaveRoller can provide in this context can be found here. [Vrana, T.; Akerberg, J.; Flynn, D.; Torres-Olguin, R. (2021). Grid connection and system services of a wave power plant – a case study. Paper presented at 14th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC 2021)]


Owners of WaveRoller arrays can unlock significant benefits by selecting WaveRoller’s fast frequency response features:


WaveRoller’s fast frequency response extends the seasonal and daily value of wave energy to support grid regulation and enhance grid stability.


In several energy markets WaveRoller operators can receive additional revenue by participating in balancing the market to enhance the asset’s financial performance.


WaveRoller’s fast frequency response feature supports grid operators with the ability to install more intermittent renewable energy, supporting wider decarbonization efforts. By using WaveRoller’s existing hardware, energy operators can further reduce their carbon footprint.