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Every day, the world consumes more than a million terajoules of energy. That’s roughly equivalent to what we would use if all 7.5 billion of us boiled 70 kettles of water an hour around the clock. Or 3,000 times the daily output of Palo Verde nuclear power station in Arizona – one of the world’s largest – running at full capacity
Grid Power

As the decarbonisation of electricity generation accelerates, coastal states have a growing advantage to reliably balance the grid, enhance security of supply and control supply costs by using the largest salt water battery on our planet – the oceans! WaveRoller production can be predicted with high degree of accuracy several days ahead. Also, the production profile has a different and complementary schedule to wind and solar, thus WaveRoller can fill the generation gaps on a daily and seasonal basis. WaveRoller also has the option to regulate power delivery in response to grid frequency, thus further enhancing grid security.

Plugged In to grid

WaveRoller can be ‘plugged-in’ to the electricity grid to complement wind and solar power supply, and it can support a sustainable approach for how business, communities and a locality’s decarbonization targets and ambitions are achieved.

Increased Choice

WaveRoller increases the alternative energy choice to better support energy providers by delivering power to the grid to people where and when energy is needed most.


WaveRoller is rewriting the geopolitical energy rulebook. In addition, the life cycle emmissions are well below the EU Taxonomy threshold, thus WaveRoller projects are a sustainable investment.