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In order to make sure that the First-of-a-Kind (FOAK) WaveRoller wave energy converter can reliably meet the requirements of both customers and authorities, AW-Energy has undertaken a rigorous product certification programme with the reputable Lloyd’s Register Energy.

The product certification will ensure that the FOAK WaveRoller is meticulously designed and manufactured according to the industry codes and standards and will meet the requirements set for it at the beginning of the programme. In addition to the obvious technical advantages, certification will optimise project financing and insurance coverage on a commercial basis.

The product certification is carried out according to the acknowledged certification and technology qualification standards DNV-RP-A203, DNV-DSS-401, and DNV-OSS-312. The product certification performed by AW-Energy and Lloyd’s Register includes five certificates. Each certificate will only be granted by Lloyd’s Register once it is assured that the requirements for the certificate have been met.


AW-Energy possesses an extensive patent portfolio, creating a high degree of protection in a competitive space. In terms of geographical scope, the patent portfolio has been developed to address coastal markets with the greatest opportunities relevant to WaveRoller technology. There are currently over 70 approved patents globally, and other 10+ pending.

In addition, the company holds significant knowledge of the surge phenomena and how to optimally extract useful energy. This has been gained through detailed numerical analysis and validation during multiple tank testing campaigns, as well as several real-world sea deployments. Added to this is know-how around designing, manufacturing, certifying and operating wave energy converters. This comes from both sea-based operations and on-land test facilities.