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WaveRoller® leads the way in certified wave energy technology as Lloyd’s Register has conducted and approved a detailed design review of the device.

The Design Appraisal Certificate guarantees that the WaveRoller® design adheres to predetermined codes and standards regarding safety, functionality and reliability. To receive the Certificate, AW-Energy has submitted its design documents to LR engineer’s scrutiny.

– We are proud to say the design of WaveRoller® components and technology meets set requirements and standards, both in design and documentation. Everyone in the certification team has done exceptional work, says AW-Energy Certification Manager Tuula Mäki.

The Design Appraisal Certificate is a part of AW-Energy’s technology certification plan which is building up to the LR Fitness for Service Certificate.

WaveRoller® first to achieve current level of certification

WaveRoller® is now the first wave energy technology to achieve this level of certification. Certified technology is an undeniable asset in the developing industry.

– Credibility and bankability are at the core of our values. Talk is cheap so we want our partners and customers to know we can deliver what we promise, emphasizes AW-Energy CEO John Liljelund.

One of the AW-Energy customers recognizing the value of a certified product and procedures is Ireland’s leading sustainable energy company ESB International.

– We require a specific level of certification from our partners as we believe certified technology is the key to exploiting our ocean energy resource. Therefore, we are encouraged to see AW-Energy reach this important milestone, says Conor Cooney, Technology Manager for the Westwave project, from ESB Innovation’s Technology Innovation Unit.

The next step is to certify the manufacturing of WaveRoller® which validates that industry best practices are met in our processes.

– It has been our set strategy from the beginning to validate our technology with a prestigious external partner. Lloyd’s Register has been and will continue to be a perfect match for us in certifying WaveRoller® technology, Liljelund concludes.