Wave machine at AW-Energy test center


VTT visited AW-Energy’s test facility in Järvenpää, Finland to take part in a workshop aimed to define best ways to utilize the project partner’s expertise on instrumentation.

 The workshop was held October 23 at AW-Energy’s test facility in Finland, which features a full scale Power Take-Off unit (PTO) and a wave machine used to simulate real world wave conditions to which the PTO is subjected to. VTT experts were offered an in-depth presentation of the instrumentation of both the wave machine and the PTO during an extensive tour of the facilities.

─ Participants were excited to see the PTO, the wave machine and the instrumentation as viewing the devices in action helps to understand the requirements and functionalities of the instruments better, providing useful insights for the development work, says AW-Energy Product Quality and Certification Manager Tuula Mäki.

Purpose of the workshop was to initiate the design work for the MegaRoller test bench and PTO instrumentation and to define the way VTT instrumentation expertise can be best utilized in the project. This workshop was one in a series of workshops, visits and meetings held to advance the MegaRoller test bench and PTO design work.

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AW-Energy is a pioneer in the green economy and is the global leader in wave energy technology. Its flagship product, WaveRoller®, is a submerged wave energy converter based on a hinged panel that is attached to the sea bed in the near shore area. It generates electricity from the movement of the waves (surge phenomenon) and is connected to the electric grid onshore. The company is based in Finland, and operates in multiple continents cooperating with strong industrial partners. The company employs a highly professional and efficient team that manages a network of over 100 engineers and technical staff.

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