Favorable winds for Pilot Power Plant – First WaveRoller soon to leave the assembly line

Final testing and assembly of the first 3 x 100 kW WaveRoller power plant are underway at a subcontractor site in Kotka, Finland. After “wave breaking” test results from the Power Take Off system earlier, the crew now wants to eliminate any possible problems that might arise during and after deployment.

Alignment of the main shaft seats in the plant’s three units is being completed, while the PTOs and all other electrical equipment are installed. The test rig is moved from one machine room block to another as every unit is individually tested. Special attention is paid to pressure testing. The helium method is used for third party verification of the integrity of the machine room blocks.

The team is confident that shipping WaveRoller machine room blocks to Portugal will take place during the last days of 2011 or first days of 2012. This will be followed by they complete assembly of three WaveRoller units into a single wave farm, which will be deployed off Peniche, Portugal.



AW-Energy is a pioneer in the green economy and is the global leader in wave energy technology. Its flagship product, WaveRoller®, is a submerged wave energy converter based on a hinged panel that is attached to the sea bed in the near shore area. It generates electricity from the movement of the waves (surge phenomenon) and is connected to the electric grid onshore. The company is based in Finland, and operates in multiple continents cooperating with strong industrial partners including e.g. Lloyd's Register, Wärtsilä, Naval Group and DNV-GL. The company employs a highly professional and efficient team that manages a network of over 100 engineers and technical staff.