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Tikkurilantie 10 , FI-01380 Vantaa, Finland


The first of three machine room blocks of the initial 3×100 kW Waveroller power plant is starting to take shape – and well on schedule. The casting of the shafts and hydraulic rams keeps good pace to meet the next important step, the final test sequence.

Scheduled for January 2011, the 1:1 scale test will evaluate the entire power take off system, including automation, hydraulics and power electronics. A test rig is constructed around the Waveroller-unit to create artificial “waves” and to simulate actual sub-sea conditions. The aim of the benchmark test is to adjust the system to work as planned, simulated and tested in smaller scale.

WaveRoller-demonstration-power-plant-3x100kW.jpgOnce testing completed the pilot Waveroller power plant will be shipped to its deployment site in Portugal, where the flaps are manufactured and the final assembly will take place. Down in Peniche all is set for final deployment in the summer of 2012. Soon Portugal will switch on to wave power!

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