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Tikkurilantie 10 , FI-01380 Vantaa, Finland

Small Scale

Ideal for behind-the-meter energy use and simple local logistics and manufacture
Small Scale

Infrastructure and logistical capabilities, such as cranes, are not easily found in all locations. The small scale WaveRoller-X solution for lighter logistics can be deployed in locations with constrained access and logistics.

  • Designed for transport using containerisation logistics
  • Suitable for pathfinder projects and remote locations
  • Turnkey package to support local power needs
THE Technology

Our small scale solution, WaveRoller-X, is a 10-30kW device designed specifically for behind-the-meter needs. The device has been developed to enable customers to transport and assemble WaveRoller units within the constraints of shipping containers. The design makes the device easy to transport and manoeuvre in terms of both size and weight. The main components fit in a standard shipping container and required lifting capacity is easily available. Multiple units can be deployed as wave farms.


Reducing the logistics requirements has clear benefits:


Overall capital costs of small projects is decreased.


Remote locations can unlock the potential of using wave energy.


Smaller and lighter packages enables local suppliers to participate in the project supply chain, boosting employment.