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Tikkurilantie 10 , FI-01380 Vantaa, Finland


Our demonstration and wave energy test centre is an inspiring facility that stimulates innovation, and is helping to progress current and emerging wave energy technology themes across the renewable energy mix.

The facility is located in Finland and is close to major business networks and transport links, making access easy for international visits. The facility has been created to focus on future innovations and will help our customers to achieve ever greater confidence in managing the surge in ocean-based energy opportunities using predictable and sustainable wave energy technology. This includes nurturing technology breakthroughs with proven and commercially viable devices such as WaveRoller. We have made this level investment with this in-house test facility to help reinforce AW-Energy’s commitment to energy operators that we are here and ready to be their wave energy partner of choice.

PTO grid connected power after smoothing
  • Sea state time series from any location can be uploaded and the power performance demonstrated.
  • The influence of sea temperatures on performance can also be tested using the heating tank.
  • System reliability and grid compliance can be tested and demonstrated in practice at full scale.
Combined maximum oil flows in systems