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Utility Scale

Ideal for large scale utility and grid power energy supply
Utility Scale 

Currently the transition towards more sustainable energy production is mainly being implemented by wind and solar power installations. The major issue with the approach comes with the times of no sunshine and calm winds. Complementary technologies that generate electricity at different times is essential to achieve both deeper decarbonization and affordable electricity.

Investing in WaveRoller assets will enable coastal states to take advantage of wave power’s distinct and complementary power generation schedule.

THE Technology

WaveRoller-C and WaveRoller-D are utility scale devices that convert ocean wave energy to electricity. The devices operate in near-shore areas (approximately 0.3-2 km from the shore) at depths of between 8 and 20 meters. Depending on tidal conditions the units can be partly or fully submerged and anchored to the seabed. The technology can be deployed as single units or in farms.


WaveRoller technology provides three unique empirically validated benefits:


It is installed and operating in the nearshore area: provides easy site access, protected from extreme conditions and minimal expenditure on plant infrastructure costs.


It captures power with a bottom fixed panel (oscillating wave surge converter): captures highly efficient power, operating in low-, mid- and high-sea states, and with no cut-off and with only one moving part, reduces unexpected downtime and maintenance costs.


It converts movement to electricity using an onboard power storage and hydraulic system: WaveRoller smooths grid-compatible power output, and supports grid and low maintenance design with inverters on shore.


WaveRoller uses waves that carry more energy than wind in a site of a comparable size, providing about seven times more nominal power generating capacity than a wind turbine in a similar sized area.

Apart from its low space requirement, a WaveRoller device operates underwater and has an exceptionally low visual impact. The panel height is designed to minimize or completely eliminate its protrusion above the water surface, ensuring the preservation of the natural beauty of the sea and coastline.

WaveRoller follows the movement of the water, which makes it very friendly to the surrounding marine life. The hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems are fully sealed inside the WaveRoller hull, which protects the marine life from noise and other possible pollutants.


AW-Energy has completed several projects to develop and demonstrate WaveRoller technology. These have entailed both lab testing and sea trials at test sites fully exposed to the full force of ocean waves. Now AW-Energy is working with a portfolio of commercial projects spanning four continents.