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WaveRoller LEGO model attracts interest at the Pii Poo LEGO Building Event in Helsinki

Lego WaveRoller device

Continuing in our efforts to inspire tomorrow’s upcoming engineers, our team at AW-Energy took part in the Pii Poo’s LEGO Building Event in Helsinki, 30 September – 01 October, 2023.

The event which attracted an estimated 20,000 visitors over the two days included some of the participants from the Finnish LEGO Masters TV show to meet-and-greet visitors.

AW-Energy hosted a booth at the event to showcase the LEGO model ‘mini-size’ version of the wave energy device WaveRoller, which was on show to help support and increase knowledge of how wave energy can be used successfully to extract energy from our oceans.

Wave energy is the largest untapped resource of renewable energy, with an estimated energy generation of 10% of global electricity demand. AW-Energy’s patented WaveRoller is a nearshore wave energy technology that uses a hinged panel which is anchored to the seabed with a concrete foundation.

“The LEGO WaveRoller model is used as a learning device to showcase its design and functionality,” says Matthew Pech, CFO at AW-Energy in Finland.

“It has been a star attraction at a number of energy events and exhibitions on several continents. The LEGO model represents a great and fun way to visually represent how the WaveRoller technology works,” highlights Pech.

The LEGO model was commissioned for AW-Energy in 2017 and created by Matija Pužar, a LEGO Certified Professional.

The panel in the LEGO model is just 36 cm x 20 cm, whereas the real-life WaveRoller-C device the model is based on, operates with a panel size that is 10 m tall and 18 m wide.

The model’s foundation measures a mere 50 cm x 50 cm compared to the foundation base in the actual device which is 30 m long, 25 m wide and 5 m high. The entire WaveRoller wave energy device including the foundation weighs approximately 3,000,000 kg (the same weight as 500 African elephants!).

In the past LEGO has celebrated some of the most impressive wonders from the world of engineering including the world’s most famous passenger plane – Concorde.

“Here at AW-Energy in #Finland, we support learning programmes like this because we want to inspire and develop Generation Alpha and LEGO fans of all ages by encouraging ‘learning through play’,” says Pech. “Today’s younger generations are shaping tomorrow’s world and playing with LEGO has a part to play in how we can collectively make a positive impact on the world we live in today, as well as how younger ages can learn about what they may inherit in the future and the technologies available to create a cleaner, more sustainable future.”

The event organisers, Pii Poo, coordinate LEGO events around Finland with tailored content and various spaces such as exhibition halls, shopping centres and cultural spaces. They cooperate with companies, municipalities, and other event organisers.

“We like to think of this event as energising wave energy knowledge for children with LEGO,” says Pech.

Whether you are a fan of LEGO or just love great design, the engineered LEGO WaveRoller will feature at events in 2024.

You can discover more about the organisers and their upcoming events in Finland at: