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Tikkurilantie 10 , FI-01380 Vantaa, Finland


The WaveRoller Energy Hub brings together the complementary desalination and hydrogen generation technologies to create a flexible hub that generates green hydrogen, fresh water and electricity and balances the inputs and outputs of each process to reduce overall costs.
Energy Hub

The WaveRoller Energy Hub is brought together using our unique patent pending approach.


• Hydrogen production below 2.256 kgCO2e/kgH2
• Freshwater production included, thus increasing local resources
• Complies with thresholds of EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities


• Combining WaveRoller with solar doubles the plant full load hours
• Highly predictable wave power enables downstream process optimisation
• Areas with suitable a resource will have a significant advantage in the global market for low carbon products, from ammonia to steel


• Freshwater production included, thus increasing resources for local communities
• Plugging in WaveRoller reduces required land area for the same production
• The majority of the technology can be manufactured in local facilities, thus supporting high value jobs and skills